Whenever DevOps is discussed in this blog it is always related to the Encyclopedia Galactica system I have been building. I'm not writing about what is happening in my job because it is only a job and I don't want to create a situation where I say something I should not have.

The topics I'm going to cover is related to deployment, operations and developer experience and developer enablement in the context of the system and tools I have been usign. I'll also explain what conceptual thinking led me to create something.

As I mentioned the context is development of Encyclopedia Galactica. The toolset is Dotnet, Azure DevOps, cloud VPS instances, kubernetes and Github.

It is not clear if I'm going to go with Teraform or helm. I have a little experience with the latter, but I have heard a lot of good things about the first. Haven't decided yet.

Environment and k8s

I have a few VPS instances running, but their memory and CPU is not utilised fully and I'm kind of conscious what I'm paying. The idea is that I'm going to build a kubernetes cluster using these extra resources and run Encyclopedia Galactica there.